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Tactical Foodpack outdoor meals

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Why choose food packs?

  • Extremely lightweight
  • High in nutritional value
  • Best before 8 years
  • No preservatives (freeze-dried)
  • Warm meal ready in 8 minutes
  • Delicious as hell!

Be prepared for every situation when going camping

It’s better to be prepared when going camping, to guarantee a wonderful experience. It’s not like you can order the missing things via Bolt. 😊
Hot meals, that don’t take a lot of space, and clever accessories for making a fire, to cook a meal or where to store your stuff.

We got you covered!

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We continue to grow!

We are not just another camping store! All the camping equipment that you might find from CampingFoodpack,

is carefully tested in the nature before landing in our product line.

That enables us to sell ONLY high quality products.